Computers and the Internet

Public Computers

The Library has  4 public workstations available for use.

Computer use and Internet/Wi-Fi access are free. A library membership is not required.



The computers are made available for your convenience. We ask that you do not view pictures, videos or websites that are lewd or disturbing to others. This includes, Profanity, Vulgarity, Nudity, and Violence. (please see our posted policy concerning the viewing of pornography). Any games showing any of the above are also not permitted. Failure to abide by the rules will result in patrons no longer being able to use the computers and/or expulsion from the library.


1)   A time limit of 30 minutes is in affect when all the computers are in use.

2)   The patron who has been on the longest will be asked to give up their computer.

3)   Games are permitted but the time limit will still be enforced.

4)   If the computers do not have a line up, you may use the computer for as long as you like.



Web cams are not permitted on any of the public computers. Web cams are permitted on laptops but must not face any patrons without permission.

Laptops cannot be connected directly to the library network using any cable. The library is a wireless only access network.

Laptop users need a library card to access Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi area expands to outside the building and is accessible 24hrs with an up to date library card from any TRAC Library in Alberta.


You are unable to save Data on the Public Computers.   Please use a USB Memory stick.  These may be purchased at our cost from the library.  The printer is located at the staff desk and prints both black and color from Public Computers. Please refer to Office Services for a list of prices.